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Well, my dr seems to think the rash might be fifth disease.

Another weird childhood illness I never had.

If this is the cause, I am looking at 1-3 weeks of rash and itching...

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I thought the weird allergic reactions to stuff were behind me.

I spent the 4 days of the holiday weekend battling fever, joint pain and fatigue. Yesterday I had to go to the emergency care clinic for a rash on my arms and legs (which also turned out to be on my back and torso).

The ruling there? 50% it's most likely contact dermatitis. I have unscented oatmeal soap and prescription strength skin cream.

But, because of the fever and joint pain it might be lyme disease or rocky mountain spotted fever (both tick born). So I'm under orders to get blood work done.

Meanwhile,y hands and feet ache, my skin is sensitive to touch, and I feel bruised all over.


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•I managed to find the Tazo holiday tea Joy that I love and couldn't find last year. Seriosly, if my tea cabinet were not packed full I would buy ten more tins for the rest of the year.

•How have I never heard Neko Case before this? I'm loving the old NPR coverage of the Newport Folk Fest.

•A 2 lb bag of sourdough pretzel bites is a lot of pretzels.

•Yay! Sprite green is in stores again!

•I can use the library wifi from the metro station as I wait for my bus to school. Rock!

• Am I doomed to never find comfortable headphones?

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