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I think it says a lot about our society and how youth obsessed we can be when people are reacting to my hair so interestingly. I started going grey in my early twenties. Ith wasn't noticeable because I was dying my hair a lot at the time. Black, red, purple, bleached out blond. My hair was all sorts of colors.

When I started to develop chemical sensitivities I stopped dying my hair. I let it go back to my natural color which is brown with red and blonde highlights. Over the past twelve years my hair has gone more grey but as long as I wore it pulled into a bun or ponytail it isn't noticeably grey. As my hair is long, the grey blends in and as grey tends to turn brassy it just made the ends of my hair look dishwater blonde.

Recently I have noticed more grey hair. And, it is shimmery silver rather than dull grey or white. I've embraced it as I love how the strands look against the darker brown of my roots. I started using a shampoo for grey, blonde, and bleached hair once a month and I have to get used to the smell as it is more fragrances than my normal shampoo and I am combing it through to the ends of my hair which I normally don't.

I have been amazed at people's reactions to my hair changing. Perhaps it's because most people assume I'm ten years younger than I actually am. Perhaps it's because so many women cover their grey but I have been astonished at the reactions I have gotten from you should dye your hair (I will do what I want to do thank you very much), to it looks so shimmery, to is that your natural hair color (no really I paid a salon to put in silver streaks).

I find myself stopping by the hair color aisle every now and again as I would love to color my hair autumn leaf red again. But I don't want to risk the hives and other symptoms that my chemical sensitivities bring about. Hives on the scalp are a pain to deal with.
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